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Rose's First Gloryhole Video -
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03/19/2021 - Comments: 0

Petite, raven-haired Rose is in full bloom this week in her FIRST GLORYHOLE appearance ever! At the tender age of 20, she is checking off a lot of firsts in her budding porn career. Even though she has never been in a gloryhole before today, she tells us it is her favorite genre to watch. All those hours of homework she put in are about to pay off big. Her secret is she pretends every faceless stranger on the other side of the wall is her secret crush, Johnny Depp. Rose's throat will be coated with the semen of many Captain Jacks today. Even though she is young, Rose has been sucking dick for seven years and swallowing for four. Not bad for not being old enough to drink yet (well, alcohol at least). Her record so far is swallowing two loads of cum in the same day, but she'll bury that number today. A bit of a stealth freak, Rose looks sweet and innocent on the outside in her cute floral dress, but once that comes off, she reveals a pair of pierced nipples and a barbell through her bellybutton. She doesn't have her pussy pierced yet, but she is neatly shaven everywhere. Another thing Rose hides under her girly exterior is that she is a total gearhead who really knows her cars. Her hands are as comfortable holding a stick-shift as they are holding a bunch of strangers' cocks in the gloryhole. Speaking of holding a bunch of cocks, be on the lookout for the debut of Rose's first gangbang over on GangbangCreampie.com soon. This girl tears up cocks like she tears up tires at a drag race! She'll come back for a victory lap in the gloryhole, if the fans vote her into the winner's circle. Gentlemen, start your engines and enjoy watching Rose draw a high pole position on her first grand tour of GloryholeSecrets.com!

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Gloryhole Secrets was created by a group of guys that enjoy having a fresh young amateur girl, multiple girls or a seasoned MILF suck our cocks with their willing mouths until we shoot our hot loads all over their tongues, down their throats or all over their tits. The best part about a Glory Hole is how it's so anonymous. The anonymity makes it great for us since most of us are either married, have a girlfriend or a high profile career. We started off with 6 of us getting our cocks sucked now we have let several other guys join our little Glory Hole Secret. We now have about 80 guys and counting. It seems like the more guys we have, the more girls we find that like to visit our Glory Hole. Most of the guys have brought a girl or two to the Glory Hole, sometimes it's their girlfriend, wife, or a chick they met at the bar. Either way, we are glad to have them visit. It seems like once we have a girl visit they always want to come back for more and sometimes they even bring their friends with them.